Head Scientist at Meatable

Company description

Meatable aims to grow meat in vitro, without having to harm our planet, our health and our animals. We are kicking off this journey with a small dedicated and focused team, to prove our technologies on lab scale. If successful, meatable will quickly scale up to commercialize minced meat products and extend the R&D organization to realize all desired cuts of meat (sausage, steak, etcetera).

The ‘cultured meat’ field has recently gained significant momentum from both media and investors, with >3 start-ups having received funding this year. Meatable has a competitive advantage versus the competition through its scientific approach, solving for the fields’ largest scalability challenges.

About the Head Scientist role

The Head Scientist will work together with the CTO to develop the meat production process at small scale, which includes;

  • Growing stem cells in suspension
  • Optimizing media composition
  • Realizing cell differentiation into fat and muscle cells
  • Creating small pieces of meat tissue

Next to the lab work, activities will consist of defining scientific strategies, developing new research collaborations, and co-leading the scientific team.

Initially, the Meatable team will be relatively small, with focus for this role being on lab work. However, we are looking to hire a candidate with capabilities and ambition to lead the scientific team once we extend the team.

Given the strong mission of Meatable we are looking for candidates that share our vision and mission, enjoy the start-up culture and are ready to take on big responsibilities early on.


  • PhD in cell biology, molecular biology or similar
  • 3+ years of experience in a professional environment and able to work independently (but intrinsics and personal fit outweigh credentials)
  • Experience with
  • IPS cell culture (mandatory)
  • Scaling up cell culture processes – adherent to suspension (strongly preferred)
  • Molecular analyses, e.g FACS and qPCR
  • Genome editing
  • Medium optimization
  • Tissue engineering


If you are interested or want to learn more, please contact at krijndenood@gmail.com

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