Biomedical Engineer (full-time position) at Idris Oncology

What are we looking for:

a Medical Doctor with 42 years of experience with CRISPR-CAS, who in his* spare time builds robots to fetch him a beer while he is pipetting his freshly altered yeast onto his FPGA, which is tasked to perform high-speed image analysis of his alarm clock in order to activate the deep brain stimulator that will motivate his cat to turn on the coffee machine, at the exact time that ensures that the cat’s eventual ‘meow’ coincides with the third chime of the alarm.**

*: feel free to substitute any of the pronouns, they reflect laziness only
**: In case of doubt: a proper understanding of what it would take to achieve any of the above is a good start.

What will you get:

  • an internship, a job, whatever will keep you in our lab in Leiden full-time.
  • a shotgun seat in an ambitious young company in the most exciting phase. In fact you could be handed the wheel every now and then, if you can handle it.
  • a team dedicated to learn and excel, driven to reinvent the wheel whenever those commonly used are too square for their liking and to challenge themselves and each other to push the boundaries.


We’re going to help cure cancer, and we’re going to do it by taking the conventional biopsy and completely changing everything about it. We start by taking biological polymers and redesigning them from the useless goo they are to something sturdy as well as biologically useful. We then take these blobs and we torture them on evil looking machines that fluoresce in darkened rooms and that we’ve specifically designed and built to figure out which blob is the least gooey. When we’re happy with the result, or the screams, we stuff the survivors into tiny little molds that we’ve produced with the micro-3d-printer we had lying around from our previous adventures. When the blobs are no longer blob-shaped we drown them in our next creation, the Frankensteinian heart simulator, which uses lasers, high speed cameras and fancy dust to show just how good we will be at changing the world of cancer diagnostics.
Of course, most of this is to scare the tumors into submission before we do anything at all.


We’ve been doing this with an aerospace engineer, a molecular biologist and as of recently a chemist, but really we need you to take over, well, all of that. Curing cancer is hard work, especially if you also need doctors, lawyers, regulators, investors, distributors and all of that ilk to say ‘yes’ at precisely the right time, which really is quite a lot harder than it sounds. So we need you to take over the pipetting, weighing, irradiating, CAD-modeling, programming, soldering and what not. Of course figuring out when to do which is the real challenge.

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