About us

LBSP is the largest LSH cluster in the Netherlands. Over the past 35 years, we have acquired a strong, global position. With innovative companies, research institutes, academia and start-ups on the premises, LBSP Foundation is committed to develop the future.

Established 35 years ago, we have evolved into the Netherlands’ largest LSH  cluster, connecting talent, researchers and entrepreneurs to work on achieving healthy lives for everyone. Within the district you will find educational and research institutions, unique facilities and valuable collaboration on the entire drug development chain.

LBSP is a hub for progress. Our team focuses on the positioning of the district and its community of more than 20,000 innovators. With access to Knowledge, Innovation, Human Capital, Capital and Market, we try to streamline a most efficient learning and production process between and within these learning communities. Do not hesitate to visit our Learning Communities for the latest news or updates on our high-quality programmes.

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LBSP Foundation Team

Portrait of Gwen van Overbeke

Gwen van Overbeke

Governance, Communication & Branding LBSP Foundation
Portrait of Marlou Corbeau

Marlou Corbeau

Management Assistance LBSP Foundation
Portrait of Henriëtte van Dam

Henriëtte van Dam

Projects & Programs LBSP Foundation
Portrait of Esmé Postma

Esmé Postma

Events & Communication LBSP Foundation
Portrait of Karijn Walsh

Karijn Walsh

Operations LBSP Foundation
Portrait of Jessie Foet

Jessie Foet

Communities & Communication LBSP Foundation
Portrait of Stéfan Ellenbroek

Stéfan Ellenbroek

Incubator Program Director & Sr. Business Development LBSP Foundation
Portrait of Hidde Zittersteijn

Hidde Zittersteijn

Projects & Communities LBSP Foundation
Portrait of Lissa Boxy

Lissa Boxy

Senior International Account Manager LSH (IQ) & Assisting int'l companies to establish on LBSP InnovationQuarter
Did you know? We were established in 1984 in the Leeuwenhoek area