Life Sciences & Health (LSH) week

Looking back at the LSH week 2023 and looking forward to the next (40th year LBSP)

Another successful LSH Week was organized last month, taking place from 22 June to 29 June. A wide range of engaging activities was planned, providing opportunities to meet, network and connect. Organizing such a full week took a great deal of teamwork and we would like to thank everyone involved in making it such a success.

Looking ahead, we are thrilled to announce that next year, 2024, the LBSP will be celebrating its 40th anniversary. As part of this milestone, a new LSH Week will be organised, focusing on this special theme. We are excited and very motivated to create an experience that reflects the rich history and continued growth of our LBSP community.


LSH week 2023

This second edition of the Life Sciences & Health week kicks off with the 25th anniversary of the Bio Science Park Entrepreneurs Association (OVBSP) on 22 June and concludes with the first RegMed XB Annual conference on 28 and 29 June at Corpus.

Did you know? We receive 500,000 visitors in the museum Naturalis and Corpus