Mobility & Infrastructure

Spanning 110 hectares, Leiden Bio Science Park is committed to excellent accessibility of its infrastructure. The LBSP is easy to reach from nearby cities like Amsterdam, The Hague, Delft and Rotterdam, as well as Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

Constructing excellent mobility

LBSP is well accessible to visitors and employees - via the A44 motorway, public transport (Leiden Central Station is adjacent to the LBSP) and Schiphol Airport. The four main landowners and stakeholders are active to establish structural management and maintenance; beingthe municipalities of Leiden and Oegstgeest, Leiden University and the Leiden University Medical Center. Because of this cooperation, the mobility and infrastructure of the LBSP is excellent.

LBSP is expanding into a green innovation district - and you can settle here.

The success of the LBSP has led to an explosion of new projects. For many years, we’ve been developing the district in close collaboration with the municipalities of Leiden and Oegstgeest. Transforming the business park into an attractive and easily accessible area, rich in greenery and open water and with ample space for meeting, recreation and housing.

Let us introduce you to the diversity of our projects, from new business buildings to housing projects, recreational areas and parks, and new and renovated Leiden University buildings.

 Leiden Bio Science Projects

Interested in settling here? 

The master plan provide insight into the types of building permitted, available plot sizes, building heights and parking standards. To enhance the focus of LBSP on the LSH sector, rules for categories of settlement apply. The details and the regulations per area specified in the zoning plans are available at the real estate website of LBSP (in Dutch), by the Real Estate Department of Leiden University, who owns most of the available land. Consequently, we feel confident that the realisation of these projects will transform LBSP into an even stronger district as well as incubator for innovation, entrepreneurship and collaboration.

Join us! You can find available buildings and plots at the Leiden University real estate website (in Dutch) or contact for more information.

 Leiden University Real Estate


Roadworks may affect traffic in the local area.
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