Living in Leiden & Netherlands

Leiden & Oegstgeest

When you settle at the LBSP, the City of Leiden will be your hometown. Leiden is an attractive environment: internationally oriented, young and culturally rich. More than that, it’s home to the oldest university in the Netherlands. Consequently Leiden – twin city with Oxford – has a long tradition of knowledge & science. Four centuries of medical knowledge are coming together in this 'real life testing ground'.

In addition, Leiden has a beautiful, picturesque and vibrant city centre, seeped in history with many canals and almost 3,000 monuments. Explore 13 world-class museums with amazing exhibitions on antiquity, the arts, nature, medical science, and anthropology. Two of these museums are situated on our premises. Another reason to go for Leiden as the city of knowledge? No less than 15 Nobel Prize winners sprouted from our region.

Neighbouring town Oegstgeest was one of the earliest inhabited parts of the Dutch coastal area. It’s home to beautiful castle Kasteel Oud-Poelgeest and a number of state, municipal and war memorials. Next to that, Corpus museum can be found in Oegstgeest: an interactive museum on the human body, in the shape of a 35 metre tall giant.

Together, Leiden and Oegstgeest are host to Leiden Bio Science Park

Why settle in the Netherlands?

The Netherlands is a small country fuelled by internationally-oriented desires: to explore and to ignite growth. We are an entrepreneurial and highly educated population of which 90% speak English fluently. The country provides a high standard of living, while cultivating an affordable life for its residents. The Netherlands currently holds the 7th place on the UN’s Sustainable Development Index - globally. As a result of our resourcefulness, we developed the best healthcare in Europe and are leading the way internationally. The advantage of our small country? All of your partners will be nearby, so quick consultation is the standard. Within a 200km radius, more than 2,900 Life Sciences & Health companies are clustered. Yes – LSH isa government priority in the Netherlands. With the recent arrival of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) in Amsterdam, this sector is only expected to grow more significantly.

Now is the time to join our innovation district at LBSP. We can’t wait to welcome you!

Did you know? Schiphol Amsterdam Airport – ca. 20 min by car and ca. 15-20 min by train