Professional Training

When working, researching or studying at Leiden Bio Science Park, many state-of-the-art training facilities are available to support your progress. Learn how to develop in a biosafe and realistic environment or train staff with (online) courses and lab training.

These facilities offer up-to-date training:

  • The Biotech Training Facility
    Flexible programmes and tailor-made courses taught by professional trainers. Producing (bio)pharmaceuticals under GMP and biosafety conditions, equipment demonstration facility. A spacious 2000m2 capacity, spread out over 3 levels and is training a lot of professionals in GMP.
  • Leiden University
    Free online courses, MOOCs, on topics such as ‘clinical kidney and pancreas transplantation’.
  • The Medical Genetics Centre
    Teaching programme for PhD students (LUMC, LACDR and Erasmus MC).
  • Boerhaave CME
    Post-academic continued medical education.
  • Paul Janssen Futurelab Leiden
    Post-graduate training courses.
  • Center of Bioscience and Diagnostics
    (the University of Applied Sciences professional training department)
    Lab technician training.
  • LiS Academy 
    (De Leidse Instrumentmakers School (in Dutch)
    Courses in fine instrumentation and glassmaking.
    Did you know? Much of our growth at Leiden Bio Science Park originated in the Park itself