Biomedical Engineer (full-time position) at Idris Oncology

What are we looking for:

  • affinity (molecular) biology and working in a lab(basic chemical techniques) 
  • experience in engineering, including CAD and programming 
  • familiar with the medical sector (preferably prior experience, e.g. internship)
  • active disposition, willing to ‘learn on the job’, driven
  • pref. MSc in biomedical oriented study or similar

What will you get:

  • a shotgun seat in an ambitious young company in the most exciting phase. In fact you could be handed the wheel every now and then, if you can handle it.
  • a team dedicated to learn and excel, driven to reinvent the wheel whenever those commonly used are too square for their liking and to challenge themselves and each other to push the boundaries.

Task description

  • developing materials suitable for our application
  • developing the methodologies, tools and devices to produce and test these materials
  • finetuning the design of our device
  • preparing the production process for mass production

Practical details

  • full-time position
  • period: as soon as possible
  • location: Leiden Bio Science Park


We are a young company in the field of cancer diagnostics with the ambitious goal to replace the current biopsy. To do this we are developing a tool that will allow for in vivo capturing of hundreds of tumor cells that circulate in the blood. Use of this tool will be nearly pain-free, will be safe and will provide much more information than a regular biopsy. Because of that we will finally be able to solve the main problem of the regular biopsy: to do it often. With our tool we aim to make existing chemotherapies much more effective, as they are more correctly prescribed, as well as allow for the discovery of wholly new therapies.

Biotech Training Facility: unique professional GMP and biosafety courses in a state-of-the-art environment.