Technical Account Manager at GenScript

Job Description:

Technical Account Manager serves as the primary technical source for supporting sales activities within responsible regions. Supported by Technical Account Associates, Technical Account Managers take full responsibility of the daily operation of customer service function, which handles all initial inquiries from customers, dealers, and general public regarding project design, order placement, complaints, technical support, etc.


  1. Provide primary technical advice to customers.
  2. Provide solutions to customer’s project inquires and generate price quotes for the projects.
  3. Work on customers' troubleshooting and/or complaints with a technical issue.
  4. Organize and provide training for internal sales and external distributors by delivering presentations or/and demos.
  5. Help on trade shows or exhibitions by technical communication.


  1. Solid professional technical background, minimum Master Degree in relevant life technologies, such as cell biology, immunology, molecular biology and peptide therapeutics etc.
  2. Good communication and presentation skills
  3. Customer-focused, proactive/action-oriented.
  4. Good team player.
  5. Quick learner.

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