Biomedical engineer at Idris Oncology

Company profile:

Idris Oncology is a young company developing a medical device that will ensure cancer patients always receive the right chemotherapy, even as the cancer mutates. To do this, we're developing a disposable wire that is inserted into the patient's bloodstream, where we collect hundreds of circulating tumor cells over time. The captured cancer cells can then be used for regular or novel diagnostics to ensure the treatment. Because our disposable wire is compatible with existing catheters that are already used to administer chemotherapy, our device can be used as often as is necessary. This will enable doctors to frequently (re)diagnose a cancer patient, ensuring the right treatment every time, all the time. 

We are looking for someone:

  • with a biomedical engineering degree (MSc or higher) or similar
  • with CAD skills, knowledge on production techniques 
  • who is familiar with the medical sector (preferably prior experience, e.g. internship)
  • who has strong project management skills
  • who is independent, ambitious and a go-getter
  • who thrives in the dynamic enviroment of a small company
  • experience with Python (or other coding languages) is a pre

We are offering:

  •  a shotgun seat in an ambitious young company in the most exciting phase. In fact you could be handed the wheel every now and then, if you can handle it
  • a team dedicated to learn and excel, challenging themselves and each other to push the boundaries.

If you're the right person for the job, and want to know more, contact us immediately!

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