Biochemical Scientist at Idris Oncology

Company profile:

Idris Oncology is a young company developing a medical device that will ensure cancer patients always receive the right chemotherapy, even as the cancer mutates. To do this, we're developing a disposable wire that is inserted into the patient's bloodstream, where we collect hundreds of circulating tumor cells over time. The captured cancer cells can then be used for regular or novel diagnostics to ensure the treatment is correct. Because our disposable wire is compatible with existing catheters that are already used to administer chemotherapy, our device can be used as often as is necessary. This will enable doctors to frequently (re)diagnose a cancer patient, ensuring the right treatment every time, all the time. 

Job description:

You will join our R&D team developing our medical product. You will focus on the design, prototyping and testing of the product, ensuring it optimally fits into clinical practice and can be mass manufactured. 

You will be responsible for the experimental design, planning of experiments, assay development and execution of various biological biochemical assays. You will also maintain the facilities and take care of the proper documentation and communication of the results.

Whereas your position will focus on R&D for the first year, regulation and quality control will take more and more of your time as we succeed in bring this product to market. 

We are looking for someone:

  • with an MSc degree or higher in Life Science:
    • e.g. molecular biology
    • e.g. LST
    • e.g. biochemistry
    • e.g. biomedical sciences
    • or similar
  • with (at least) a theoretical background in:
    • medical biology
    • or cancer biology
    • or polymer chemistry
    • or a combination thereof
  • with practical experience in cell biology and biochemistry:
    • cell culture and cell based assays
    • microscopy
    • click/coupling chemistry
  • with familiarity and ambition in quality control and regulatory affairs
  • who is systematic, detail oriented and independent
  • who gets things done!

We are offering:

  • a shotgun seat in an ambitious young company in the most exciting phase
  • a young and awesome team dedicated to learn and excel and challenging themselves
  • a chance to make a tangible contribution in a challenging struggle
  • real room to grow and achieve!

If you're left with many questions, but you think you got what it takes and are looking for an exciting job, contact us immediately!


Hans Peter Mulder
Phone: 0643163844
Company info: idris-oncology


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