Leiden Bio Science Park has a wide range of research and educational institutions, from vocational level education, to PhDs and postdocs.
Here is a short overview of the relevant education. More detailed information (in Dutch) can be found on the websites of the institutions.

New: pharmacy master's program

From September 2016 Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) and Leiden University (Faculty of Science) will be offering a master's programme in Pharmacy.
The distinctive aspect of the Leiden programme is that it will train pharmacists to be patient-focused care professionals. The new programme combines the strong scientific basis of Leiden Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences (BPS) with the patient-focused elements of the master's programme in Medicine.

Knowledge institutions offering life science education in Leiden:

Leiden University
(bachelors program)

Leiden University, masters programs in Life Sciences
Leiden University, PhD program Graduate School of Science

Leiden University Medical Center
(bachelors program)

Leiden University Medical Center (masters program)
Leiden University Medical Center (PhD program)
Leiden University Medical Center (Nursing and care education)

Hogeschool Leiden, the university of applied sciences

ROC Leiden, vocational education and training

Leiden instrumentmakers School, vocational training

Student organizations

Students pursuing careers in science are served by Betabanenmarkt (BBM). BBM consists of a team of enthusiastic students of various science disciplines, and organizes annual job fairs and career orientation events.

For many life science studies at the Leiden Bio Science Park, student associations exist:

Biopharmaceutical Sciences L.P.S.V. ,,Aesculapius''
Chemistry CDL
Physics De Leidsche Flesch
Biology Leidse Biologen Club
Science and Technology SV LIFE
Biomedical Sciences and Medicine MFLS
Applied Lab research and Chemistry Nucleus

Check them out if you want to connect!

Life science education for kids

Science is fun! In Leiden there are several very inspiring initiatives to bring kids from an early age and in the age that they choose their school careers in contact with life science. We mention some: the Leren over leven (Learning about life) program of Technolab, the Junior science lab at the Faculty of Science of Leiden University, and the Leiden Advanced Pre-university Programme for Top students (LAPP-Top) that offers secondary school students extra challenges with short scientific programs in life sciences.

The Red Career: life science careers in Leiden

A career in the life sciences doesn’t mean you have to be a technician or scientist. There is a great variety of different roles. The Red Career is going to be a series of short videos to showcase the different job types important to the biotech industry of Leiden Bio Science Park. This helps future employees to plan their career, as well as employers to indicate what sort of roles they would like to have filled.

Red career video Chemistry technician

Chemistry technicians play a fundamental role in testing and evaluating the chemical composition of all sorts of samples. This is, for instance, important throughout the production process of generic drugs like Ibuprofen at Apotex Nederland BV. Production of Ibuprofen requires combining of over ten different chemical compounds.
Chemistry technician Maarten van Marle (Apotex; trained at Hogeschool Leiden, Chemistry Bachelor) is responsible for monitoring the use of qualitative substances in the right quantities.

Are you interested in a video promoting a career at your company? Please contact Thomas Dijkmans, Project Manager Education & Labor Market.