Managing the park together

The park is facilitated by four organisations that help it keep in shape, grow and ready for the future:

Developing the cluster

The Leiden Bio Science Park foundation manages the development of Leiden Bio Science Park:

  • We attract new companies and institutions to the cluster and facilitate them in finding the right locations and facilities for setting-up or expanding business.

  • We enhance the internal cohesion of the cluster by bringing people together and organizing networking and R&D events.
  • We facilitate the cluster by managing projects on labour market and start-ups.
  • We handle the marketing communication and lobby of the park.
  • We help you to find your way at the science park and provide information on the park.

All to make sure the park works well for inhabitants and visitors alike.

Find the people involved in cluster development

Park management & maintenance and joint facilities

The companies and organisations at the park are represented by the entrepreneurial society of Leiden Bio Science Park (OV BSP). The OV BSP takes care of park management and maintenance, offers collective facilities (shuttle bus, car sharing) and collective contracts, and acts as a spokesperson in infrastructural projects on behalf of its members.

OV BSP website


Housing for young and maturing companies is available at the BioPartner Center Leiden. There are 3 buildings available for the incubation of young and starting companies and a fourth building, the Accelerator building, is dedicated to young maturing companies who have outgrown their start-up phase.
BioPartner offers offices and labs at flexible terms and the use of office and R&D facilities. It currently occupies 10.000 m2 and houses around 50 businesses. At the BioPartner Center also the Starters office and the Science Meets Business cafe´s, the monthly meetings for startups, are located.

BioPartner Center

Knowledge Exchange

Luris is dedicated to knowledge partnering between academia and industry, as it acts as a broker for the research and technology developed at Leiden University and Leiden University Medical Center. Luris also stimulates academic entrepreneurship for start-ups and spinoffs, offers legal support and support in research funding.


Whom to contact

Biotech Training Facility: unique professional GMP and biosafety courses in a state-of-the-art environment.