Everything you need for your business to move forward

At Leiden Bio Science Park, we all share a mission. Scientists, students and entrepreneurs alike work on facilitating improved and better health for people around the world. Whether that’s developing new drugs or treatment methods, sharing ideas and knowledge or managing a biotech scale-up.

Access to the communities you need

To facilitate you with the people, insights and capital you need, we ensure the learning communities at LBSP all become part of the same ecosystem. Within this balance, production and ventures can grow steadily with the help of others. Our shared themes of Knowledge, Innovation, Human Capital, Capital and Market grant you access to the brightest minds at the LBSP. Through events, webinars, projects, podcasts, personal guidance and get-togethers, our communities work together to move forward.
This way, your business is set up to succeed.

We develop and implement initiatives, programmes and activities to facilitate access to Knowledge, Innovation, Human Capital, Capital and Market.
— Esther Peters, Stichting LBSP
Did you know? No less than 15 Nobel Prize winners are linked to Leiden