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Knowledge alters perspectives and people’s lives, when it comes to health. With the latest know-how on biotechnology, full-cycle drug development, clinical trials and healthy living, people around the world can benefit from the LBSP’ expertise.

On the LBSP, the different learning communities are encouraged to join forces and learn from each other on these themes and subjects as well as on related ones like AI and biodiversity. The knowledge institutions on-site, such as LUMC, Leiden University, Hogeschool Leiden and TNO, as well as many of the companies, employ a great number of researchers, education professionals, who are eager to share their expertise. Teaming up with these professionals will give you the knowledge to further progress your business.

We believe knowledge should be accessible to everyone in the community.

As we uphold a strong international reputation in collaborative research, the success of cooperation between researchers, scientists and entrepreneurs proves itself. Exploring novel opportunities together and ensuring the availability of information resources, is key.


We sustain collaborative contacts with many clusters and organisations around the globe and work in highly international teams. The themes we focus on range from fundamental biotechnological innovations to a healthy lifestyle (disease prevention). We share educational tools, information and expertise through a range of projects and activities, such as meetings, webinars and podcasts .

We’re always looking for professionals wanting to share their knowledge, lead workshops or host podcasts and meetups. Check our Projects page for more information on the latest Knowledge projects and themes.

 Knowledge projects


How do you reduce the use of animals for the development of medicinal products?
What can you teach others about stem cell therapies?
Meeting with or listening to fellow innovative minds in the LBSP community will introduce you to leading edge research and needed information.

Workshops, webinars, podcasts, tech talks and luncheons - Knowledge events and content are catered to every preference.

     Knowledge events


    The Knowledge community at LBSP focuses on sharing expertise, contributing to the sector and giving access to knowledge. It is based on a balanced ecosystem in which everyone settled at LBSP cooperates to benefit from the expertise at hand. Host a webinar, join a workshop or share your information on urgent topics through the Knowledge Community. We’re constantly building on our agenda, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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      Knowledge Network Leads

      Portrait of Robert Matousek

      Robert Matousek

      Artificial intelligence & Digitalisation Kweri
      Portrait of Nick Veringmeier

      Nick Veringmeier

      Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs) Isheo
      Portrait of Ahmed Mahfouz

      Ahmed Mahfouz

      Leiden Single Cell Network LUMC
      Portrait of Han van de Sandt

      Han van de Sandt

      Animal-free Innovation TNO
      Portrait of Fijs van Leeuwen

      Fijs van Leeuwen

      Leiden Medtech Center LUMC
      Did you know? No less than 15 Nobel Prize winners are linked to Leiden