The Leiden Bio Science Park ecosystem accommodates a vast amount of organizations and continues to grow through time. We understand it is a challenge to remain up-to-speed and connected with all the technological advancements and key players in the park with respect to your specific field-of-interest. To improve the connections between key players in the ecosystem and thereby improve the sharing of knowledge and ideas, we introduced the concept of Knowledge Networks.

What is a Knowledge Network?

We aim to connect the Leiden Bio science Park organizations (public and private), their employees and students by creating Knowledge Networks that are founded by themselves with our support. Because the Knowledge Networks are initiated bottom-up, they are always in line with their own desires. These networks can have varying goals and activities since each Knowledge-field has its own priorities and challenges. Examples are sharing of knowledge and expertise, creating business opportunities, creating visibility, or to connect with different stakeholders in order to improve the financial, political or scientific landscape for their specific field of research.

The knowledge networks operate independently and have the shared goal of connecting with the people in the Leiden Bio Science Park and share knowledge about specific topics in the Life, Science and Health sector.

Can I join an existing Knowledge Network?

To connect with these networks you need to be interested in the topic and wish to contribute to the network in some way. This could mean, for example, co-hosting or speaking at a knowledge-sharing networking event (like our TechTalks), taking part of a roundtable discussion organized by the network, meet regularly with your peers to discuss the desires, bottlenecks or opportunities in the field or a to meet your peers less formally by attending a borrel. It’s up to you and your Knowledge Network to decide what’s next. 

To connect with the current Knowledge Networks and explore the possibilities, reach out to the Knowledge Network Leads or contact Nick Veringmeier

Did you know? We are the home to over 152 companies