Our Knowledge community matches international organisations to our local LBSP researchers and businesses to work on a range of themes and propositions. The LBSP focusses on and has top of the bill expertise on the following themes:

  1. Early Diagnostics and technological innovations for the development of medicinal products
  2. Regenerative medicine
  3. Prevention and lifestyle
  4. Vaccines and infectious diseases
  5. Crosscutting theme: AI & Data Science

These particular themes with their projects help attract Dutch and foreign life science and biotech companies and research organisations to the LBSP, complementing the Netherlands’ unique development pipeline to bring scientific research to clinical application quickly.


Find projects that grant access to new information or help you spread significant expertise within the Knowledge community. Current projects:

  • High-tech driven diagnostics 

(collaboration with CHDR, LUMC, LACDR, toxys, Ncardia, TNO and mimetas)

Goals: Improving the development process for new medicines, focusing on personalized medicine and the treatment of specific patient groups instead of generic treatment, personalised diagnostics, and the reduction of animal use for drug development e.g. through organ-on-a-chip technologies

  • NECSTGEN / Netherlands center for the Clinical advancement of Stem cell and Gene Therapies.

Goals: Creating a labhotel and GMP facility for the development and production of induced pluripotent stem cells and gene therapy for non-profit clinical translation. This accelerates the transition of healthcare from care to cure: regenerative medicine. It will also have a social impact by reducing the costs of long-term care for the chronically ill.

(collaboration with LUMC and TNO)

Goals: Producing care-related prevention fixated at supporting the individual with existing health problems with the aim of curing these (where possible), reducing the burden of (chronic) disease or symptoms of disease, reducing complications and reducing the use of medication. Saving on medical and labour costs.

Lifestyle4Health is an open platform for public and private cooperation, connecting knowledge institutions, public and private ventures, patients’ representatives and funds.

  • Vaccine Innovation Platform 

(in collaboration with Johnson & Johnson)

Goals: Creating a world leading vaccine cluster, boosting the Dutch economy and protecting the Netherlands (and the World) against threats. The Netherlands is home to a rich ecosystem of parties involved in the entire value chain of vaccines. This Vaccine Innovation Platform should bolster the cluster and serve as a pandemic response centre when needed.

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