Making the latest information accessible to organisations at Leiden Bio Science Park, knowledge holds the key to changing people’s health around the world. Here you will find an overview of our current Knowledge events.

  • LBSP collegetour
    Entrepreneurs meet students in this event all over the park. In a collegetour format interviews will be held and the information shared online.
  • LBSP workshop knowlegde sharing
    The Lorentz Centre is known for its world leading academic workshops. Within the community we will bring this expertise to the LBSP with a shorter, accessible format that any community member can join.
  • TechTalk
    Whats new in the world of Life Science and Health? At the Techtalk events experts from organisations on the LBSP share their views and insights with you, so that you can learn from your peers.
  • Single Cell Network Leiden
    Single Cell Network Leiden (scNL) brings together researchers interested in single-cell experimental and computational methods, as well as in their application to tackle biological and clinical questions. We aim to provide a platform to exchange experiences, to connect researchers with complementary expertise, and to strengthen the single cell community in Leiden.
     Knowlegde events
    Did you know? BioPartner5 will be the first energy-neutral laboratory in the Netherlands