Welcome to our TechTalks

During these events we offer one of our knowledge networks the podium to present 5 speakers to pitch their technologies, innovations and applications of their organization or project. The goal of these events are three-fold:

  1. Providing a podium for the Leiden Bio Science Park organizations and Knowledge Networks to present their technologies, projects and discuss future challenges.
  2. Creating an informative and interactive setting to share knowledge between different organizations and individuals at the Leiden Bio Science Park, while simultaneously providing an informal networking opportunity during the borrel.
  3. Spark potential collaborations by raising and discussing questions that are relevant to the selected speakers from the invited organizations.

Do you wish to organize a TechTalk with us, but you are not a Knowledge Network? Please contact office@lbsp.nl to discuss the options

Upcoming TechTalks

Below you can find an overview of our past and upcoming TechTalks for 2022. The upcoming TechTalks can be found in the events calendar. To be included in the invitation mailing, please register here.

Did you know? From 2007 to 2019, the number of businesses grew by 0,9% annually