Legal matters

Are you looking for advice, assistance and/or support regarding:

  • the hiring and firing of employees?
  • the hiring of self-independent contractors?
  • 24/7 online HR support with our tool HR Online, including free templates?
  • contracting
  • the processing of personal (health)data?
  • the European and Dutch legal framework of e-health?
  • e-health to ensure governance en compliance with laws and regulations?
  • legal liability issues related to the use of (e-health) products or services?
  • intellectual property rights?
  • GDPR?
 TeekensKarstens advocaten notarissen

Employability & Global mobility

Are you looking for advice, assistance and/or support regarding:

  • a 'one-stop shop' for permits and tax support regarding international operations and cross-border employment?
  • International social security questions and A1 applications?
  • The 30%-ruling application and other tax friendly remuneration?
  • International payroll processes and other compliance matters?
  • International assignment policies?
  • International VAT-matters?
 Limes International

Market Access, reimbursement and positioning support

Are you looking for advice, assistance and/or support regarding:

  • Positioning your company strategically towards the market and stakeholders?
  • Understanding, anticipating and influencing risks, opportunities, and upcoming changes in the area of public affairs and public strategy?
  • Positive policy outcomes by positioning your organisation as player in the decision making process, building Networks and partnerships, shifting perceptions amongst key stakeholders and activating third party advocates?
  • Building relationships with the government and governmental bodies?
  • Dealing and with and communicating to the government, governmental bodies and other relevant stakeholders?
  • Market access and the reimbursement of your products and/or services?

Financial and advisory services

Are you looking for advice, assistance and/or support regarding:

financial matters such as:

  • (online) bookkeeping?
  • compiling or auditing annual accounts?
  • drafting the monthly or quarterly VAT returns?
  • payroll services?
  • Audits of (European) subsidies?
  • parttime controller?
  • (global) compliance services?

Advisory services:

  • (Inter)national tax structuring/optimization?
  • (Inter)national merger & acquisitions?
  • Application innovation box regime (taxed at 9% CIT)?
  • Measurement and reporting of the social impact of investments?
 Grant Thornton
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