The Netherlands, with its rich and diverse technological, research, and academic landscape, has much to offer. Dutch research institutions rank among the best in the world, and the Netherlands is a leading innovation economy with over 1,500 tech companies in a vast ecosystem of seed-stage startups, scaleups, and established companies. The Netherlands is also home to the happiest citizens on Earth, boasts the highest non-native English language proficiency, and is among the most digitally and infrastructurally-connected countries in Europe. Last, but not least: We have more bikes than people!

Whether you’re a local student or a researcher based in Scotland, Canada, Ethiopia, Brazil, Australia or China, there are many possibilities to develop your study or product here at LBSP.

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What do you need to further enhance your plans? Many of our companies and organisations at LBSP are looking for international talent. Build on ideas together within a stimulating environment.

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Did you know? The new Biotech Training Facility consists of a spacious 2,000m2 capacity