Our Human Capital community build on a structured and stimulating future for the talented workforce at the Park:

  1. Hire2Retire
    Access to all the knowledge and steps between hiring a candidate to retiring.We provide a relocation office, recruitment platform, training management and internship coordination.
  2. Human Capital Network: Share & Connect meeting including intervision meeting
    Intervision sessions between peers and fellow professionals help you reflect on your work and process, give feedback and support each other. Together you go through a learning curve that will strengthen your methods and process.
  3. Bridging education and work
    Bridge the gap between educational programmes and the future staff requirements of businesses at LBSP. Where do you start working after you graduate? How do you recruit the right candidates for your scaleup? We continuously organise meetups between students, researchers, companies and entrepreneurs.
  4. LBSP Alumni
    What can we learn from former students who now work at LBSP?


  • Human Capital Agenda
  • Shared vacancy & internship platform
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