Do you have a great science-based business idea that you want to grow into a company? Leiden Bio Science Park has the right network, financing tools and locations to support you in making it a success!

As single-point-of-contact we will:

  • Engage individually with you
  • Speedily connect you with all relevant contacts
  • Pragmatically get things done together with you


Are you ready for an office or a lab? The incubator BioPartner is the place for you. If you simply want to stay up to date with startup news and events join our LinkedIn starters group.

Show me the money

When financing becomes a topic the Leiden TTO Luris has two tailor made starter loans to help you out. The regional development agency InnovationQuarter owns an investment fund and the national government offers early stage subsidy programs.
An overview of funding opportunities for the life sciences industry can be found at the HollandBio funding database
At Leiden Bio Science Park regularly Show me the money walk-in sessions are organized for startups on the look out for funding. To receive an invitation for these sessions click here.

Student entrepreneurs

If you are a student entrepreneur we can offer you the student entrepreneurs hub Lugus, as a place to spar with peers and make your first steps.
The Leiden regional innovation and entrepreneurship centre is PLNT, (Leiden centre for innovation and entrepreneurship) offering coaching, entrepreneurship training, flexible workspace and an inspiring community to student startups.
Science meets Business is the network of young professionals that organises monthly café’s and talks. 


Great stories about young and seasoned entrepreneurs: how did they get started, organize things moneywise and found an affordable office with a lab?

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