Leiden Bio Science Park

BioPartner Center 2
J.H. Oortweg 19
2333 CH Leiden
The Netherlands

T : +31 (0)71 524 75 55
Email: office@lbsp.nl

Whom to contact?


  • Park management

    Your first point of contact is Ellen Smit, Business Park Manager. She can bring you in contact with the right people and can inform you of all matters on mobility, safety, collective purchasing contracts. Contact Ellen Smit by email or call Ellen at
    +31 71 524 75 54 or mobile
    +31 625 18 05 97.

  • Office management

    For any questions concerning the Life Sciences café, or your company profile, news, jobs or events on this website or the OV BSP site, and the office management of both organisations, please contact
    Carla van der Laan, Office Manager, at
    +31 71 524 75 55. 

  • Maintenance of the park

    For all all small maintenance matters please Leo Zandvliet, Maintenance Manager, or call Leo at +31 638 14 88 80. 

  • Settling at the park

    InnovationQuarter is the regional economic development agency for the South Holland province in the Netherlands. InnovationQuarter has a dedicated team in place to facilitate you in finding the right locations and facilities for setting-up or expanding your business in Leiden Bio Science Park. Please contact Lissa Culbertson Boxy, Senior Account Manager Life Sciences & Health at InnovationQuarter, or call Lissa at +31 6 247 56 651

Whom to contact at Leiden Bio Science Park?