Leiden Bio Science Park

BioPartner Center 2
J.H. Oortweg 19
2333 CH Leiden
The Netherlands

T : +31 (0)71 524 75 55
Email: office@lbsp.nl

Whom to contact?


  • Director

    Our Director, Ida Haisma, can be contacted via ihaisma@lbsp.nl or call the office at
    +31 71 524 75 55.

  • Park Management

    For general information please contact
    Gwen van Overbeke, Head of Programs & Partnerships, at +31 71 524 75 54.

  • Establishing your business

    InnovationQuarter, the regional economic development agency for the South Holland province in the Netherlands, has a dedicated team in place to facilitate you in finding the right locations and facilities for setting-up or expanding your business in Leiden Bio Science Park. Please contact Lissa Culbertson Boxy, Senior Account Manager Life Sciences & Health, or call Lissa at +31 6 247 56 651.

  • Office

    For practical information please contact the office at office@lbsp.nl or
    +31 71 524 75 55. 

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