The premier life science hotspot in the Netherlands

Leiden Bio Science Park is a mature science cluster. It is home to drug development companies in all phases of the value chain and top academic R&D institutes of Leiden University and Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC).

The park is dedicated to early drug development, the development of advanced therapies and personalized medicine in combination with diagnostics. We are facilitating companies and organisations that aim to make the world a better and healthier place to live.

Leiden Bio Science Park also hosts medtech companies, companies providing services in drug development and companies delivering dedicated business services. Two out of five Dutch listed biotech companies are based in Leiden and recently two Leiden based companies Prosensa (now BioMarin) and ProQR listed successfully at NASDAQ.

Furthermore, the park features high tech companies working in the field of industrial biotech, green biotech, space, water management and research equipment.

And, there is a wide range of institutions that provide life science education in the park, from a vocational to an academic level. The park is also home to two world-class museums dedicated to life sciences: Naturalis Biodiverstity Center and CORPUS Experience.

Collaboration is the key to excellence

Leiden Bio Science Park is thriving because it benefits from the combined dedication of businesses, research & knowledge institutions and governments. Each providing their own expertise, doing what they are best at and helping others succeed.

Leiden Bio Science Park hosts organisations that can provide you with expertise and assistance in all phases of drug development: from fundamental research and development, early clinical trials, to efficacy, safety and stability testing, and contract manufacturing. And our park is well connected with (inter)national top biomedical research through the regional consortium Medical Delta (consisting of the universities and medical centres of Leiden, Delft and Rotterdam) and – through Medical Delta – with the European institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) Health.

The government – on a local, provincial and national level – acknowledges the importance of Leiden as the largest life sciences and health cluster in the national Top Sector policy and is very supportive in facilitating the park and its organisations to develop their full potential.