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20 Jun Thursday 15:30 — 17:00

Enhancing Customer Success For Startups and Scaleups

Maximize client satisfaction and loyalty with our workshop for life science startups and scale-ups.              

22 Jun — 30 Jun

Rijksmuseum Boerhaave – Tour: Understanding, curing and preventing

Rijksmuseum Boerhaave is the treasury of science and medicine. Take a peek in the world of science.              

22 Jun Saturday 13:00 — 17:00

Leids Knowledge Festival, for Everyone’s Health and Well-being

Explore a range of health and wellness innovations at the Leiden Knowledge Festival!              

22 Jun Saturday 14:00 — 14:30

Opening Dutch Bio Science Week

On Saturday, June 22, from 14:00 to 14:30, the Dutch Bio Science Week will be opened!              

24 Jun — 27 Jun

How Healthy are you?

The students of the Doctor's Assistant course at mboRijnland can answer this question!              

24 Jun Monday 12:00 — 14:00

CEO Lunch: Duurzaamheid

Graag nodigen wij u uit voor de CEO-lunch met als thema ‘duurzaamheid’.              

24 Jun Monday 17:15 — 18:15

Bootcamp Connect XL

Meet more "neighbours" from the LBSP community while getting your exercise for the week!              

25 Jun Tuesday 10:00 — 11:00

Vitality Walk

Explore pathways to healthier aging during Leyden Academy's Vitality Walk.              

25 Jun Tuesday 12:00 — 14:00

Fireflies (FULL)

The 'Fireflies' science battle, where young researchers bring the wonders of science to life!              

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Did you know? Leiden University recently launched SAILS, a large AI-related research programme