Finance & Funding for early stage Life Science Startups

May 21, 2021 from 09:45 to 15:00

Venture Academy x unlock_ session

This event is organized by unlock_, the new life science & health incubator in Leiden, of which PLNT is one of the executing partners. This session is included in a series of sessions organized as part of the Venture Academy. All sessions are opened up for other life science and health entrepreneurs who wish to gain knowledge on the topics presented and want to become a part of the life science community.





Finance for Life Science startups – Rob Mayfield (part A)




Panel – loan vs investment vs subsidy – discover your funding pathway? (part B)




The goal of this session is to challenge you on discovering how you are going to finance your Life Science startup. The first part will focus on various ways Life Science startups can finance themselves (through in/ out licensing of technology for instance) and how this impacts your business model. The second part is a panel with experts in the field of subsidies, loans, and investments for Life Science startups. During this panel each expert will talk about why his/her funding is best for you. During the Q&A you can find out which type of funding fits your strategy best.

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Did you know? Much of our growth at Leiden Bio Science Park originated in the Park itself