Human Ingredients – A new national department for HR and talent acquisition professionals in the Life Science industry

November 28, 2023 from 14:00 to 18:00
Organised by: TalentMark | Location: Nieuwegein

TalentMark is launching ‘Human Ingredients’ and will kick of with their first network meeting on Tuesday afternoon 28 November in Nieuwegein.

TalentMark is happy and excited to present to you an attractive program with two hot topics:

  1.  Diversity & Inclusion: how do you safeguard diversity in your organisation? What kind of investment will it take you and what can you gain from it?
  2. AI and ChatGPT: When and how to start with it? What kind of ole can it play in your recruitment process?

Around these topics there will be more than enough time for networking with some drinks and bites.

This meeting is free of charge for TA / HR professionals inside Life Sciences.

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Looking forward to meet you in person!

Enjoy your summer.



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