TechTalk: Artificial Intelligence in Drug Discovery

November 22, 2022 from 15:15 to 18:15
Organised by LBSP Foundation | Location: BioPartner 1: J.H. Oortweg 19

On 22 November, we are organizing our next TechTalk about Artificial Intelligence in Early Drug Discovery. This TechTalk is initiated by the Universiteit Leiden in collaboration with our AI & Digitalization Knowledge Network! For the other LBSP knowledge networks, check our website: Knowledge network leads 

Drug discovery is changing, the influence and catalytic effect of Artificial Intelligence (AI) cannot be denied. History dictates this new development will likely be a synergistic addition to drug discovery rather than a revolutionary replacement of existing methods (like the history of HTS, a new tool in the toolbox). As more and more scientific data is becoming public and more and more computing power becomes available the application of AI in drug discovery offers exciting new opportunities.

Central to drug discovery in the public domain is the ChEMBL database which provides literature obtained bioactivity data for a large group of (protein) targets and chemical structures. Machine learning can leverage this data to obtain predictive models able to predict the activity probability of untested chemical structures contained within the large collections of chemical vendors on the basis of the chemical similarity principle.

In this session we will give an overview of research ongoing at the Leiden Bio Science Park. Central in the research is the usage of machine learning.

Program & Registration


  • 15.15 Walk in - registration
  • 15.30 Start program
  • 17.15 Start network event with drinks & bites and the possibility for roundtable discussions
  • 18.15 End TechTalk

Willem Jespers

LACDR - Universiteit Leiden

Jarek Juraszek

Janssen Vaccines & Prevention

Anthe Janssen

LIC - Universiteit Leiden

Nils Hijlkema


Introduction TechTalk 2022

At TechTalk events, experts from different organisations at LBSP share their views and insights around a specific technology or subject so that attendees can both broaden and deepen their knowledge on this topic.

In recent years, TechTalks have become a well-known concept at LBSP. In 2022, we organise another new series of talks.

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