TechTalk: Animal-free Innovation

April 26, 2022 from 16:00 to 19:00
Naturalis, LiveScience zaal, Darwinweg 2, 2333 CR Leiden

During the process of drug development animal studies are frequently used for the assessment of safety and efficacy. Increasingly, technologies are being developed that allow for this type of research to be performed with fewer or, in some cases, even without experimental animals. At the LBSP there are many organizations actively involved in the development of such technologies. In order to support and speed up these animal-free innovations, the LBSP has initiated a network for knowledge exchange between technology developers, end-users, providers of infrastructure etc. The first concrete activity of the network ‘Animal free innovations’ is this Leiden Bio Science Park Tech Talk. We have a variety of speakers, from both private and public organisations. We hope that this Tech Talk will attract others that want to join and we will start a vibrant network.



Walk in - registration


Start program with 5 different speakers

Host - Han van de Sandt


Start network event with drinks & bites and the possibility for roundtable discussions


End Tech Talk


A human based technology platform for in vitro pyrogen testing

Koen Marijt

AI meets biology: bettter understand patient and preclinical model variability

Roeland Hanemaaijer

In vitro safety and efficacy testing of cell therapy

Gemma Moiset

3D-Organotypic skin cultures for research and screening purposes

Abdoel el ghalbzouri

New Approach Methods for the animal-free safety assessment of novel pharmaceuticals, chemicals and cosmetics

Giel Hendriks

Introduction TechTalk 2022

At TechTalk events, experts from different organisations at LBSP share their views and insights around a specific technology or subject so that attendees can both broaden and deepen their knowledge on this topic.

In recent years, TechTalks have become a well-known concept at LBSP. In 2022, we organise another new series of talks.

If you have any questions about the TechTalk event please contact Hidde Zittersteijn.

This is a public event for everyone working at the Leiden Bio Science Park. Please feel free to invite your colleagues.

Did you know? Leiden is home to the oldest university in Netherlands, and twin city to Oxford