TechTalk: Single Cell

May 31, 2022 from 15:15 to 18:15
Organised by LBSP Foundation - Location: Ehrenfestweg 1,Plus Ultra Leiden Kadans

This event is held in English

Cells are the fundamental building blocks of life but there is a known heterogeneity of cells within each tissue. Each of these cell types has a distinct function within the tissue and may behave differently during disease progression or in response to drug treatments. Recent technological advancements have made it possible to characterize individual cells at the genomic level. It is now feasible to measure different molecular aspects of millions of cells simultaneously, rapidly transforming our understanding of biology and disease. These technology developments are accompanied by a plethora of computational methods tailored to tackle the unique challenges of single-cell data. This has resulted in a highly multidisciplinary field which connects technology developers with computational and molecular biologists to understand cellular heterogeneity in health and disease.

Single Cell Network Leiden (scNL) brings together researchers interested in single-cell experimental and computational methods, as well as in their application to tackle biological and clinical questions. We aim to provide a platform to exchange experiences, to connect researchers with complementary expertise, and to strengthen the single cell community in Leiden. In this TechTalk, we will present some exciting developments in the single-cell field covering the three pillars of scNL (technology, computation, and application). The program includes academic speakers from Leiden University and the Leiden University Medical Center as well as speakers from companies employing single-cell technologies in their workflow. We hope to show the strength of single-cell technologies in Leiden and promote new interactions among different parties with complementary expertise.



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Single Cell metabolomics: Opportunities for drug research

Thomas Hankemeier

Overview of Single Cell technologies available at the LUMC

Susan Kloet

Reprogramming in a nutshell – development of an automated, closed system for autologous iPSC production

Malin Stridh

Integrative analysis of Single Cell data

Tamim Abdelaal

Discovering novel cancer targets for precision immunotherapy

Jan-Jaap Verhoef

Broad functional characterization of immune cells using spectral flow cytometry

Simon Jochems

Introduction TechTalk 2022

At TechTalk events, experts from different organisations at LBSP share their views and insights around a specific technology or subject so that attendees can both broaden and deepen their knowledge on this topic.

In recent years, TechTalks have become a well-known concept at LBSP. In 2022, we organise another new series of talks.

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