The installation Folding Life from artist Ana Oosting

June 3, 2022 from 17:00 to 18:30
LUMC Art Space

The installation Folding Life from artist Ana Oosting will be opened on Friday 3 June at the LUMC Art Space. This artwork is inspired by protein structures and is produced in collaboration with the LUMC research group of Meindert Lamers.

Their research focuses on the relation between proteins and DNA replication. Commissioned by the LUMC, Ana Oosting created an immersive artwork in which visitors can experience the fusion of art and science while walking through the magical structures of proteins. The installation consists of folded colored shapes made by hand. Ana Oosting is specialized in this folding technique with which she folds complex shapes.

Programma vrijdag 3 juni

  • 17.00 uur Ontvangst door Sandrine van Noort, hoofd Kunstzaken LUMC
  • 17.15 uur Onthulling Folding Life door dr. Willem Noteborn
  • 17.30 uur Kunstenaar Ana Oosting over Folding Life
  • 17.45 uur Borrel


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