Voting location at the Leiden University of Applied Sciences

November 22, 2023 from 07:30 to 21:00
Campus Leiden University of Applied Sciences, Zernikedreef 11

During the parliamentary elections on Wednesday, November 22, a polling station will be set up for the first time on the campus of Leiden University of Applied Sciences. This is a unique occurrence, as it marks the first time that residents of Leiden or eligible voters with a voter's pass in this part of the city can cast their votes. In addition to the polling stations in and around Leiden Central Station, the polling station at the university is the only one on the entire Leiden Bio Science Park. On that day, eligible voters can cast their votes at the building on Zernikedreef 11 from 7:30 am to 9:00 pm.

The initiative to open the university as a polling location for the parliamentary elections came from a university staff member, Karin Hubeek. She works in the Progress Administration of Leiden University of Applied Sciences and has been actively involved in polling stations several times. "I have been a member or chairperson of a polling station several times, and I thought it was a good idea to do it within our university this time. Many people who are eligible to vote work and study here. And elections are of societal importance. It's great that our university is now contributing to that."

Voting on 'this side'

Until now, you could not vote at the Leiden Bio Science Park, despite it being an important city artery with businesses, knowledge institutions, and residences. According to Hubeek, this is all the more reason for the university to contribute: "So many people live and work on this side of the tracks that it is only logical that voting can also take place on this side." Her initiative was quickly embraced, and within the university, there was ample support to proceed with it. "This shows that the entire organization considers this important, and all of this happened at a rapid pace due to the early elections," said Hubeek.

Involvement of the Student Council

The Student Council also got involved. Two students are helping at the polling station, and on Wednesday, November 15, a Voting Guide Afternoon is organized for students. Sharré Sanrodji from the Student Council says, "Especially because we are students and have a whole future ahead of us, it is important that we vote now. When you vote for a party, it has an impact on your future."

Are you voting at Leiden University of Applied Sciences?

Do you live or work in the Leiden Bio Science Park? Then, on November 22, between 7:30 am and 9:00 pm, you can cast your vote at the polling station at the university, just like the Executive Board of Leiden University of Applied Sciences and Fleur Spijkers, the alderman for Economy, Knowledge, Sports, and Health.

If you do not live in the municipality of Leiden, be sure to request a voter's pass from your own municipality in time. With that voter's pass, you can cast your vote at the university.

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