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Human Capital

With a highly educated workforce and experienced staff, we contribute substantially to improving the health of the world. Focused on the future and the vision of our companies, we pave the way for talented thinkers, engineers and scientists in LSH.

With direct access to human capital and international talent, our communities at LBSP can start building on their research & production quicker. 

We focus on making a better match between universities and businesses. Consequently, bio science students will be directly connected to the market after graduating, finding a position that fits their education programme. Matching you with a highly trained workforce that fits your company goals and future needs, as a result. 

Within the Human Capital community, educational institutes, companies, HR professionals and the local and regional government think along on relevant subjects such as policy plans, job banks, the path from hiring a candidate to retirement, and keeping your staff engaged during COVID-19. Together, we anticipate future needs. What will be expected of our human capital in 2035?


    This community focuses on talent in the widest sense of the word. Within the Human Capital community, we set up projects and exchanges, and organise discussions on a range of themes.

    What do the visions of companies at LBSP mean for the educational institutes?
    How can we best organise recruitment and training management?
    Which are the wishes of the students?

      Join our Human Capital projects to make significant connections and learn more about the themes at hand.

         Human Capital projects


        During webinars, workshops, meetups and roundtables, we discuss topics related to human capital, recruitment, and the current job market. These are the events lined up for the coming months:

         Human Capital events


        The Human Capital community is based on a cooperation system in which everyone settled at LBSP can access information, share knowledge and engage in the stimulation of a talented workforce. Join our active community and benefit from this group of thought leaders and problem-solving participants.

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        Core team members

        Portrait of Dick Harms

        Dick Harms

        Connecting education to market Projectmanager Education & Market - Hogeschool Leiden
        Portrait of Paul Zantingh

        Paul Zantingh

        Hire to Retire HR Director the Netherlands - Pi Life Sciences Consultancy
        Portrait of Ineke Bakkeren

        Ineke Bakkeren

        Human Capital Network: Share & Connect Office Manager - LBSP Foundation
        Portrait of Vivienne Heemskerk

        Vivienne Heemskerk

        Human Capital Network: Share & Connect GenomeScan - Manager Human Resources
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