Why Leiden and the Netherlands?

Leiden is an attractive environment in which to work and live. It is an internationally oriented, young and culturally rich city. Home to the oldest university in the Netherlands. Which is why Leiden has a long tradition of knowledge & science. No less than 16 Nobel Prize winners are linked to Leiden.

Pleasant city

Leiden has a beautiful and vibrant city centre, seeped in history with many canals and over 3,000 monuments. It boasts 12 world-class museums with amazing exhibitions on antiquity, the arts, nature, science and anthropology.

A welcoming place for Expats

To underline the importance of international knowledge workers to the Leiden region, the Expat Centre was set up. They help expats settle by advising on matters of immigration, formalities and the practical aspects of living, international schools and social life in Leiden.

Key sector

Life sciences is among the top sectors in which the Netherlands excels globally and are a government priority. For example, the government is optimising legislation such as fast-track procedures for medical-ethical assessment and greater scope for conditional reimbursement on medicines.

Well trained workforce

The workforce in the Netherlands is one of the most highly educated, flexible and motivated in Europe. Furthermore, Dutch professionals are among the most multilingual in the world, enabling them to work successfully in companies serving customers across the continent.

High standard of living

The Netherlands is proud to provide a high standard of living, while maintaining an affordable life for its residents. It currently holds the forth place globally on the UN’s Human Development Ranking – only Norway, Australia and Switzerland have higher scores.

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