Why Leiden?

Leiden Bio Science Park

Leiden Bio Science Park is the largest, fastest growing, most mature and best-known life sciences cluster in the Netherlands. Some top reasons to choose for Leiden Bio Science Park:

  • Strong R&D collaboration between academia and industry
  • Accessible state-of-the-art research facilities and training facilities as the Biotech Training Facility
  • A vibrant international community with lots of interaction and meetings
  • A highly educated life sciences labor force
  • Your gateway to Europe, thanks to a central location with great accessibility and only 15 minutes from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport
  • Availability of labs and office space, for start-ups as well as established businesses
  • Ample space to build your own premises or rent in the existing buildings
  • The European Medicines Agency (EMA) from spring 2019 in the direct surroundings (only 15 minutes from the Leiden Bio Science Park)
  • Leiden will be the European City of Science (ESOF) in 2022, in the footsteps of Kopenhagen (2014), Manchester (2016) and Toulouse (2018)

University town

Choosing Leiden Bio Science Park is choosing for the city of Leiden and its region: an attractive environment to work and live in. It is an internationally oriented, young and culturally rich city. Home to the oldest university in the Netherlands. Which is why Leiden – twin city with Oxford – has a long tradition of knowledge & science. Four centuries of medical knowledge are coming together in this 'real life testing ground'. No less than 15 Nobel Prize winners are linked to Leiden.

Pleasant city

Leiden has a beautiful, picturesque and vibrant city center, seeped in history with many canals and almost 3,000 monuments. It boasts 13 world-class museums with amazing exhibitions on antiquity, the arts, nature, medical science, the human body and anthropology. Two of them are situated on the Leiden Bio Science Park attracting together yearly 650,000 dedicated visitors.

A welcoming place for Expats

To underline the importance of international knowledge workers to the Leiden region, the Expat Centre was set up. They help expats settle by advising on matters of immigration, formalities and the practical aspects of living, international schools and social life in Leiden. The region is known to have the highest well-educated residents in the Netherlands.

Leiden, need we say more?
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Why West-Holland?


The largest life science region

West Holland is the largest and leading life sciences & health cluster in the Netherlands. Find out here the 10 reasons to settle in West Holland.

Medical Delta

Based in the enterprising Rhine Delta region of the Netherlands, Medical Delta brings together a rich body of knowledge and experience, and act as a catalyst for health innovation and cooperation. Collaboration doesn’t just happen. This is where Medical Delta comes in. Medical Delta helps universities, regional governments, scientists and businesses to overcome cross-disciplinary barriers and silo mentality by providing them with a platform through which they can easily launch collaborations.

West-Holland, need we say more?
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Why the Netherlands?


European Medicines Agency (EMA)

Life sciences is among the top sectors in which the Netherlands excels globally and are a government priority. With the arrival of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) in Amsterdam in the spring of 2019, the life sciences & health cluster in the Netherlands is expected to grow significantly.

Well trained workforce

The workforce in the Netherlands is one of the most highly educated, flexible and motivated in Europe. Furthermore, Dutch professionals are among the most multilingual in the world, enabling them to work successfully in companies serving customers across the continent.

High standard of living

The Netherlands is proud to provide a high standard of living, while maintaining an affordable life for its residents. It currently holds the seventh place globally on the UN’s Human Development Index.

The Netherlands, need we say more?
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