Monday, October 1 - Tuesday, October 2 2018

NH Koningshof
Locht 117, 5504 RM Veldhove

General information

DutchBiophysics is the annual meeting on molecular and cellular biophysics. The next edition will take place on Monday 1 and Tuesday 2 October 2018.


Goal of this annual meeting is to bring together all groups that work on molecular and cellular biophysics, biomedical engineering and microscopy in the Netherlands. The meeting consists of plenary sessions, with invited presentations by (inter)national speakers and special oral and poster sessions.


Topics included the biophysics of living cells and their membranes, the cytoskeleton, molecular motors, DNA and RNA protein interactions, theoretical biophysics, systems biology and networks, photosynthesis, and new developments in light and electron microscopy, imaging and spectroscopy, force probes, (bio)chemical synthesis, nanotechnology, biomedical engineering and applications.


The practical organization is in the hands of Tim Vos and Renée Calon of NWO. You can contact the organizers by phone at +31 (0)30 600 12 17 or by email at biophysics@nwo.nl.

More information

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