Round Table - How to successfully interact with your (investor) shareholders

Tuesday, November 26, 2019
15:15 - 18:15
Grand Café de Stal
Darwinweg 1, Leiden

The biotech, pharma and life sciences industry is like no other: extensive development periods, booming and unprecedented growth, financial or commercial dependency, discussions on further development and trials vs. return on investment, diverging points of view board and private equity and sometimes limited knowledge of Dutch corporate law. Conflicting interests between shareholder-investors and board members lie in wait.

When should a board member say "no" to his/her shareholder-investors? And when must a director do so? What should you as a board member accept from your shareholders? And how can board and shareholders (re)connect and be brought closer.
Avoid wasting time and unnecessary spending at a later stage, by paying attention to corporate governance issues with each new collaboration, joint venture, development, financing or phase.

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