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Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Corona initiatives startups LBSP

Digitally enabled remote patient monitoring to support the COVID-19 capacity crisis

Aparito is a digital health company with a SaaS platform (Atom5) to support remote patient monitoring globally. Using patient generated data in the form of videos, wearables, photos and text, data is captured and transferred via the patient’s own smart phone / tablet and made available to clinicians and researchers in real time. 

The COVID-19 crisis means that bed capacity within hospitals will stay overstretched for the time being. All efforts are now focused on A) increasing capacity and B) reducing the need for patients to be admitted e.g. through cancelling routine admissions. Additionally febrile (-feverish) patients have to be assumed as potential virus-positive, and kept isolation, because of the risk that if the patient is COVID-19 positive, [s]he risks contaminating all surrounding patients.

Aparito can collaborate with hospitals, clinicians and patients interested in this technology, and deploy our COVID-19 digital solution to offer remote patient monitoring as an alternative to scheduled hospital visits or in-patient stays for patients with chronic disease – giving real-time daily view of the data to the physicians.

For pharmaceutical companies running clinical trials, Aparito can support them in moving towards decentralised clinical trials to assure the safety of trial participants. 

For any questions, please contact Cecile Ollivier ( or +31 663985856)

COVID-19 Research and Education at Leiden Academic Centre for Drug Research

Since the start of the Corona crisis, several COVID-19 related research and teaching projects were started at LACDR. The computational and teaching activities started right away, as well as a large-scale metabolomics screening program by Thomas Hankemeier’s group. Other experimental activities are still in the start-up phase due to the access restrictions to our labs; fortunately, these restrictions were partly removed, so we hope to proceed with full speed. The following article gives an overview on all COVID-19 related activities at LACDR.

Recent clinical studies have shown that Covid-19 patients are at an increased risk to develop life-threatening thrombotic complications. General Covid-19 guidelines therefore recommend the use of anti-coagulant drugs in order to prevent thrombosis in hospitalized patients. For Covid-19 patients at home and in high-risk groups oral anti-coagulant drugs are considered. Common side-effects to the use of oral anti-coagulant drugs are bleeding complications, which can be life-threatening at times. The ability to reverse the anti-coagulant effect of such drugs is therefore imperative for safe usage. In this setting, VarmX is developing a novel recombinant protein therapy to restore normal coagulation in patients receiving oral anticoagulant drugs, such as apixaban, rivaroxaban and edoxaban. This therapy is called VMX-C001.

Daniël Verhoef, Senior Scientist
VarmX BV

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