EMA moves to Amsterdam

Thursday, November 23, 2017

The Netherlands is going to be the new home for the European Medical Agency (EMA). While the offices for EMA shall be built at the south side of Amsterdam, it’s employees, service providers and many other companies have yet to find a place to land.

Leiden Bio Science Park is the largest cluster of life science companies, institutions and education institutes in the Netherlands, while it is leading in Europe.


Located just a 20 minute train ride or motorway drive from the EMA offices, Leiden Bio Science Park is expected to be home to the larger part of head offices of pharmaceutical companies and service providers that are relocating to the Netherlands along with the EMA.

Among those already established at Leiden Bio Science Park are Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Astellas, Pharming, Galapagos, HAL Allergy and many other larger and smaller life sciences companies.

In the Amsterdam area, Leiden Bio Science Park stands out facilitating companies and service providers with high quality lab spaces, office spaces, training facilities and scientific facilities such as the Leiden University Medical Center, along with Leiden University itself and the Leiden Professional University of Applied Sciences.

The Leiden region offers affordable housing in a green and high-quality environment. The American School and the British School are located in the region. Road transport and public transport are well organized.

There are ample hotel facilities to accommodate visitors to the companies located at Leiden Bio Science Park.

Shortly, a bid book and a website page offering more details shall become available.

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