Great collaboration opportunities on Big data at Leiden Bio Science Park

Thursday, June 30, 2016

The IT revolution brought consumers cheaper and faster computers, internet connectivity, social media, tablets and smartphones. Nearly every step in the process meant creation of ever larger bodies of digital data, so-called ‘big data’.

Also in life sciences and health care, advancements in IT and biomedical technologies yield increasingly larger data sets. For instance databases containing numerous scientific publications, insurance claims, clinical trial or patient data, imaging data, genomics or other -omics data are now common practice. This data abundance has the potential to accelerate scientific insight, speed up drug target identification and development and allow more efficient treatment plans. But is also brings its challenges.

At last Thursday’s ‘TechTalk Supersized Data’ no less than nine speakers presented to the park’s R&D community how big data works for them. Jacob Boon (Landscape) presented genetic data visualization methods and kicked off discussion by stating ‘When working with data, visualisations are the only way to interpret patterns and present your work to others’.
Helena Ursic (Leiden University - eLaw, Institure for Law and Digital Technologies) took it from a different angle and explained how laws are formulated to safeguard privacy, and thus protect consumers or patients.
Ludo Waltman (Leiden University - Centre for Science and Technology Studies, CWTS) demonstrated how large list of scientific publications can be used to visualize collaboration research consortia.
Whereas Barend Mons (LUMC) argued traditional publication formats should be abandoned entirely. Together with the additional speakers, topics from data generation, storage, analysis and access were covered and presented to over 70 visitors. Clearly, at LBSP there are many players in the park active in ‘big data’ and we expect that TechTalk Supersized Data was a great starting point for new collaborations across the park.

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