Ida Haisma appointed Director Leiden Bio Science Park

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Ida Haisma has been appointed Director of the Leiden Bio Science Park. She will lead the transformation of the Leiden Bio Science Park from science park to innovation district. To this end, she will set up a new park organisation and act as the spokesperson of the park.

Ida Haisma is an entrepreneurial innovator and connector with lots of experience in Life Sciences & Health. She currently leads a corporate innovation program and advises start-ups in the energy sector. Before that, she was deputy director of the Dutch Association for Innovative Medicines. There she developed strategic agendas for the sector and worked with companies in the Dutch Life Sciences & Health Sector.

She has a great deal of knowledge and experience for creating strong innovation clusters. She was the first Director of The Hague Security Delta, the Dutch security cluster with more than 200 companies, knowledge institutions and governments that she set up from the start. Previously she was also deputy director at Kenniscentrum Grote Steden (NICIS), where she promoted cooperation between governments, companies and knowledge institutions on metropolitan development.

Ida Haisma will assume her new role on September 1st.

Harry Flore, Chairman Entrepreneurs Association Bio Science Park and CEO HAL Allergy: Ida Haisma knows what innovation in Life Sciences & Health means and brings an excellent network. In addition, she has a dose of good energy to further develop the park.

Hester Bijl, vice-rector magnificus Leiden University: With Ida Haisma we have a Director who knows how to connect knowledge institutions, companies and governments, but also has vision and decisiveness. That is what we need to make the next phase of the Leiden Bio Science Park a success.

Paul Dirkse, Alderman for Knowledge, Education, Sport and Finance, Municipality of Leiden: The Leiden Bio Science Park is the growth engine of the Leiden region and a unique breeding ground for innovation in the Netherlands and Europe. In the coming years, under the leadership of Ida, we will further develop the park and also ensure that the park and the city become more connected.

Ida Haisma: The Leiden Bio Science Park is a special place and for many the heart of the Dutch Life Sciences & Health. I look forward to work together with all the partners to make this park one of the leading hotspots for innovation in Life Sciences & Health in the world.

Leiden Bio Science Park is the largest Life Sciences & Health campus in the Netherlands with over 19,000 professionals and 18,000 students. In the coming years, the park will continue to grow with more room for labs and offices, but also housing and restaurants. This creates a dynamic area with high interaction between companies and knowledge institutions, and an attractive business and innovation climate. The ambition is to be among the top in Europe where talent, knowledge institutions and companies work together towards a healthier, longer life for everyone.

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