Newly launched Axion Biosystems' pacing technology validated with Pluricyte® Cardiomyocytes

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

We are happy to announce that Pluriomics’ Pluricyte® Cardiomyocytes are the first hiPSC-derived cardiomyocytes being validated and optimized for pacing using Axion BioSystems’ E-Stim+ MEA™ technology.

This new technology delivers high-quality MEA results with superior pacing capacity for a precise and in-depth analysis of beat-rate dependent cardioactive compound effects with reduced across assay variability for cardiac safety and drug efficacy studies.
We are proud to share our new E-Stim+ application note including a protocol on how to use the E-Stim+ MEA™ technology in combination with Pluricyte® Cardiomyocytes and the assessment of beat-rate dependent compound effects. Download the application note

Want to experience cardiac pacing of Pluricyte® Cardiomyocytes in the lab and talk to the experts?

Come to our workshop “Advances in Cardiac Pacing” organized by Axion BioSystems, Nanion Technologies and Pluriomics. It will be held on the 26th of April at Pluriomics Headquarters, Leiden, the Netherlands. View the program and sign in here

Whom to contact at Leiden Bio Science Park?