TechTalk the Podcast - What is Leiden doing for COVID-19?

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

The Leiden Bio Science Park TechTalk podcast is where we talk about what the organizations in Leiden do to beat COVID-19, from vaccines to food, we discuss all the different initiatives right here in this podcast. My name is Joep van den Eerenbeemt, and with me is Hans Tanke, now retired but a renowned scientist in the field of molecular cell biology at the Leiden University Medical Centre. Together we will interview scientists, entrepreneurs and innovators. We won’t stop asking questions until we have found out what COVID-19 is exactly, what it does to our bodies and what our guests are doing to battle this pandemic.

Your host

Joep van den Eerenbeemt
Business Developer LSH
Innovation Quarter

Hans Tanke
Retired but a renowned scientist in the
field of molecular cell biology
Leinden University Medical Centre

Episode 1: Now live

Why is COVID-19 so harmful to some patients and nearly harmless to others?

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Our guest:

Pieter Hiemstra
Professor of Respiratory Cell Biology and Immunology
and head of the research laboratory of the Department of Pulmonology
at the Leiden University Medical Center.


Episode 2: Now live

We have heard about,vaccines to prevent coronavirus and medicines options to cure the disease, but in this episode we learn about a completely different approach.

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Our guest:

Eric van der Veer
Chief Scientific Officer at Hybridize Therapeutics 
A RNA-based therapeutics company that focuses on
developing small molecules that specifically target viruses,
including SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for the current COVID-19 pandemic.


TechTalks organized by

  • Joep van den Eerenbeemt (InnovationQuarter)
  • Maria Plug (Hogeschool Leiden)
  • Kim Habets (Boerhaave Nascholing & LUMC)
  • Roisin Holmes (Luris)
  • Esmé Postma (Stichting LBSP)
  • Hans Tanke (LUMC)

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