VitalneXt announces positive results of clinical study for malnutrition

Monday, September 3, 2018

VitalneXt BV announced positive top-line results of a recently completed clinical study on its innovative medical nutrition (Vital01) to treat malnourished people. These were presented at the 40th Congress of ‘the European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism’ in Madrid.

The randomized clinical study compared Vital01, a new and innovative medical nutrition with a standard control product containing the same amount of protein and energy in a group of 82 community dwelling elderly all malnourished or at high risk of malnutrition.
The key result of the study is that patients in the Vital01 group developed a higher gait speed than patients in the control group for a short distance (4m) - which is the standard test in these types of studies - and also for a longer distance (400m).  There is ample evidence that gait speed is directly correlated to general health status and quality of life of malnourished people. Initial analyses indicate that besides a possible contribution of increased muscle mass, this difference in gait speed can be explained by a more efficient energy metabolism of the muscle caused by the specific composition of Vital01. 
Malnutrition has a high prevalence amongst elderly and has repeatedly been linked to longer stay in hospital, increased mortality and a high burden of cost to society. Vitalnext has developed Vital01, a powder-based complete nutrition. This powder can be mixed with any drink or food according to patients’ preference. Vital01 is designed to efficiently convert protein into muscle mass in order to improve the physical condition and mobility of patients.
Rein Strijker, CEO of Vitalnext commented: “These results demonstrate that Vital01 has considerable benefits over the current standard of care product.  In particular, improvement in walking speed is very relevant for patients who suffer from malnutrition. We are thrilled that we are now able to provide a much-improved treatment option for patients suffering from malnutrition.”
Rudy Mareel, chairman of the board of Vitalnext, emphasised the improvement in patients’ clinical outcomes: “Medical Nutrition up to now has been about calories and weight gain with little innovation occurring beyond taste, palatability and nutritional uptake. The impact on gait speed moves us beyond just malnutrition to direct improvement in quality of life.  This is an exciting moment for the industry, Vitalnext and, most importantly, our patients.”

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