October 22, 2020

20Med Therapeutics - Ready to use delivery platform for RNA/DNA vaccines

20Med Therapeutics is a Dutch biotechnology company focused on the development of prophylactic and therapeutics vaccines. Based on its proprietary bioresponsive polymer nanoparticle technology 20Med is building a non-viral delivery platform for the rapid development of RNA and DNA based vaccines, with applications in infectious diseases and cancer. Manufacturing of the polymeric nanoparticles is straightforward, scalable and independent of the payload, enabling rapid development of a vaccine in case of an outbreak of an unknown disease. The ready to use platform is easily combined with mRNA, saRNA or DNA coding for SARS-CoV-2 antigens. The loaded nanoparticles can be freeze dried and are stable at room temperature, eliminating the need for cold chain logistics.

For further information, please contact Michiel Lodder at info@20medtx.com

Did you know? Within walking distance of the monumental city centre Leiden