November 24, 2023

Batavia Announces Release of their GMP-Facility

Batavia Biosciences releases 'Amalia,' a novel manufacturing facility in Leiden, The Netherlands, enhancing their capability in viral vaccine and vector production.

Batavia Biosciences has announced the launch of 'Amalia,' a new GMP-ready manufacturing facility in Bilthoven, Netherlands.

This facility marks a significant advancement in the company's ability to produce viral vaccines and viral vectors for clinical manufacturing. Menzo Havenga, CEO of Batavia Biosciences, highlights that Amalia aligns with the company's mission to bring medical solutions from the lab to patients, especially in the context of epidemic preparedness.

The facility, equipped with advanced technology and adhering to high-quality standards, is set to play a crucial role in vaccine and viral vector development and production.

Amalia is part of Batavia Biosciences' broader expansion strategy, with further developments anticipated, including a larger facility in Leiden.

For more details and future updates from Batavia Biosciences, please refer to their official announcements.

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