June 8, 2021

Boston by the North Sea

'Boston by the North Sea' 

The Netherlands has everything it takes to become the medicines hub of Europe. Such a position makes our country more prosperous, resilient and healthier. This ambition requires support from the new government. 

Our efforts in becoming ‘Boston by the North Sea’ have been recognized widely in our domestic community and have even drawn attention from abroad. We have therefore decided to create a full English translation of our publication so that we can inform and invite our international stakeholders to join us.

Fourteen universities, 420 biopharmaceutical companies, 2,900 innovative R&D life science companies and the headquarters of the European Medicines Agency EMA. Combine this with a clear geographical area, a high level of knowledge and an excellent infrastructure - with Schiphol Airport and the Harbour of Rotterdam - and the Netherlands has everything it takes to become the Boston by the North Sea. 

Learning from Boston
Worldwide, Boston is seen as the dominant region in biomedical research. Hundreds of universities, medicines companies, hospitals and start-ups are strengthening each other and create a research metropolis. 

Get started now
With the COVID lessons still fresh in our memory, the start of a new government is the best time to roll up our sleeves. Government, business and stakeholders getting started together! 

Attached are the full English version and an English summary. 

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. 

Kind regards, Association Innovative Medicines 
Gerard Schouw, director

Did you know? Schiphol Amsterdam Airport – ca. 20 min by car and ca. 15-20 min by train