December 17, 2021

Firework-free New Year’s Eve

A nationwide ban on selling and setting off fireworks will be in force again during the coming New Year celebrations. The purpose of this ban, like last year, is to minimise any additional pressure on the healthcare, enforcement and emergency services. Measures to prevent further spread of the coronavirus are also expected to be in place over the New Year period. These can be found on 

Ban on fireworks 

The ban on selling, transporting and setting off fireworks applies to all New Year fireworks (with category F2 or F3 printed on the label). Enforcement agencies and the police will monitor compliance with the firework rules and can fine anyone who breaks them. 

Small fireworks 

The temporary ban does not apply to fireworks in the F1 category. These are low-hazard fireworks, such as sparklers, pullstring snaps and ice fountains, which are available all year round and can be bought and used by anyone aged 12 years and over.

Carbide shooting also banned

Together with the ban on fireworks, Leiden has also imposed a ban on ‘carbide shooting’. Although carbide shooting is mainly a tradition in rural areas in the eastern Netherlands, it has also taken place in Leiden in recent years to mark the start of the New Year. In view of the hazardous situations and serious local noise nuisance that it causes, carbide shooting is banned in Leiden.

Chinese lanterns 

Chinese lanterns are also prohibited, because of their very high fire risk. They can easily be carried by the wind, for instance, and land in hazardous places. 

Celebrating New Year’s Eve with consideration for one another 

If you see someone ignoring the ban and setting off fireworks in your neighbourhood, or you think someone is in possession of powerful and illegal fireworks, you should inform the police immediately (0900-8844). You can also give information anonymously by calling M. (Meld Misdaad Anoniem; 0800-7000). More information about illegal fireworks –and fireworks in general– can be found on the vraag het de politie (ask the police) website (in Dutch).

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