January 18, 2022

Hartlijn update: new traffic layout on Zernikedreef in use since 14 January

A new car and freight traffic layout on Zernikedreef whereby the two directions are split by water took effect on 14 January. This will block the left turn into Sylviusweg coming from the Einsteinweg-Zernikedreef direction (see image below).

Trucks will no longer be allowed to stop on the road for loading and unloading in this area. These adjustments will be permanent, thereby improving safety for both cyclists and pedestrians.

Narrowing the Zernikedreef is part to the new layout, which allows for a greenbelt between the road and the pavement. At the end of January, some of the trees will be replanted near the Einsteinweg. 

The placing of the sidewalks and bicycle path alongside the TNO premises will commence once all the trees have been replanted.

Did you know? Leiden is home to the oldest university in Netherlands, and twin city to Oxford