June 10, 2021

New international primary school in Leiden

New international primary school moves in with the Joppenszschool in Leiden.

Leiden will have a new international primary school. The aim is to open this school in the summer of 2022.

In recent years, a diligent search was made for a suitable location and a school organisation that wanted to make this possible.

Both have now been found: Stichting Confessioneel Onderwijs Leiden (SCOL) opens the new primary school in a number of empty classrooms of the Joppenszschool on the Van Vollenhovenkade.

This is good news for the international community in the Leiden region and the Leiden Bio Science Park.

There is a substantial demand for this form of education in Leiden. It strengthens the economic business climate and completes the educational offer in the Leiden region.

Did you know? We have now 30,100 students, in 2025 we are expecting 35,000 students